What is a Narrow Spatula?

- May 11, 2018-

  Ideal for lifting or moving small amounts of food in a small space, the narrow spatula is a kitchen utensil that can be used in a variety of ways. Generally no wider than two inches, there are several different types of these utensils available on the market today. Each variation is designed with a specific application in mind.

  In construction, the narrow spatula usually is equipped with a thin but sturdy metal blade, combined with a simple wooden handle. Some forms of the narrow spatula feature a perfectly flat blade, while others are manufactured with an angled blade. A small scoop may be included at one end of the device, making it possible to use the spatula to remove sauces or condiments from containers with a narrow neck.

  One of the more popular forms of the narrow spatula are those that are designed for use in the preparation of baked goods, such as cakes. A narrow baking spatula works very well for clearing batter from the sides of a bowl, as well as helping to gently free a corner of a cake layer that has stuck to the pan during baking. When it comes to frosting the cake layers, this form of narrow spatula is just the right size to allow for the even spread of the frosting compound, as well as the application of other toppings in precise positions.

  The narrow lifting spatula is an excellent choice for gently turning fish or chicken fillets on a grill. Spatulas of this type are also excellent for retrieving thin cuts of meat from sauces, as well as lifting cannolis from the serving dish to the dinner plate. Small lifting spatulas are available in designs that feature a blade that is non more than a quarter of an inch in width, which make them ideal for retrieving small amounts of chunky sauces and condiments from the corners of casserole dishes or from bottles.