What is a Rotary Whisk?

- Nov 01, 2017-

A rotary whisk, can also be called a rotary egg whisk or a rotary Beater, which is a hand-operated kitchen tool. It was first invented in the latter half of the 19th century. It is used to prepare food by blending ingredients or incorporating air to make a mixture fluffy. It is the purpose that eliminate the long and laborious hand beating of batters, cream or eggs traditionally with a fork or wire whisk.

A rotary whisk is commonly made out of stainless-steel, cast aluminum, or chromed steel. The beaters are circular with blunt edge blades, and consist of about ten wires. The blender is built as one solid component so that can not be disassembled and no set-up is required. The operator must use two hands to run this rotary whisk. One hand holds the top handle and directs the beater, while the other hand turns the crank. Then the crank turns the gears, which in turn rotates the beaters.

Rotary whisks are relatively unexpensive, and are good tools to decorate your kitchen. If possible to get a high quality rotary beater that will last for long time, and only requires little simple cleaning and care.