What is a silicone pad? What are its characteristics?

- Mar 19, 2018-

What is a silicone pad? What are its characteristics? Actually, for this kind of product, we are more common among families. Here, we will introduce the types of silicone pad products, such as pottery pads, cup pads, and tableware pads. Although these products are small, but the role is very great, it has what effect?

For example: For example, in the process of boiling water and cooking rice, we often need high temperatures to boil water and rice. After heating it, it cannot be rushed to the table. The reason is very simple. Because, if you rush to bring the product up, you will find that because the pan is too hot, so that the table burns, and some can even become a hot hole, this is very much affect our beauty.

I believe that friends do not want such things to happen, and at this time, these silicone mats have a certain degree of high temperature. So, put it on the table, and then put these products up and you will find that this table is no longer Don't worry about getting burned. Therefore, because silicone pad products have a certain degree of high temperature resistance, they have been selected by more than N families.