What is a water-resistant silicone

- Mar 09, 2018-

  The water-resistant silica gel is white or gray microporous spherical particles, which not only has the high microporous structure of common industrial silica gel, but also has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, insoluble in water and inorganic acid, soluble in hydrofluoric acid and concentrated caustic alkali solution. The product is a non-homogeneous formed silica gel which is further processed by using general silica gel as a raw material.

   Product Usage:

  1. It is used as an adsorbent for air space, liquid oxygen in carbon dioxide, acetylene, etc., desiccants for various gases, pre-stage buffer desiccant for molecular sieve, silica gel protection bed, catalyst carrier, and ion adsorbent.

  2. Air drying, acetylene adsorption in the preparation of liquid air and liquid oxygen.

  3. petrochemical, electricity, brewing and other industries as liquid adsorbent and used as a catalyst carrier, used in water treatment for water purification.


  1. water-resistant silicone hole structure is divided into FNG-A type (fine hole) and FNG-C type (coarse hole)

  2. water-resistant silica gel according to the granularity is divided into 1-3mm; 2-4mm; 2-5mm; 4-8mm;6-8mm; 8-10mm; 8-12mm, etc.

  Product Features:

  1. The water-resistant silica gel has the pore structure and adsorption performance of the common homogeneous silica gel and also has good water resistance, ie, it does not burst in water, thus expanding the application field of silica gel.

  2. non-toxic, odorless. High water resistance, adsorption, high compressive strength, long service life, low regeneration breakage, etc.

  3. water resistance is far superior to industrial use of various block and spherical silica gel, high water resistance, adsorption capacity.

  4. good particle integrity, high pressure strength, particle size can be manufactured according to user requirements.

  Water-resistant silicone note:

  1. do not open the package before use, so as to avoid moisture absorption, affecting the use of results.

 2. After the product has been used for a certain period of time, the adsorption performance will gradually decrease, and the adsorbed water should be removed through regeneration so that the gas used in the regeneration operation can be used repeatedly. The

  3. during storage, pay attention to moisture, sun protection, waterproof, try to avoid damage to the packaging, so as not to affect the adsorption effect.