What is LFGB Silicone

- Jan 12, 2018-

First, we have to understand what is LFGB standard. LFGB called food, tobacco and other commodity management program. That is the most important basic law document of the field of food hygiene management in the Germany. LFGB test is one of the food grade test, its requirement is stricter than other food grade test, especially for the plastic product.

So, you may understand what is LFGB silicone now. The silicone material which pass the test of LFGB means LFGB standard silicone. LFGB standard silicone is food grade silicone, it conform to make kitchen utensils, commodity product, tableware etc. LFGB silicone without hazardous substance, would not harm for human body, hygiene and environment friendly.

In the Europe market, the product which have passed LFGB standard can strengthen customers confidence and the desire of purchase.