What is the classification and use of silicone gloves?

- Apr 08, 2018-

Silicone gloves, also known as silicone insulation gloves, silica gel microwave gloves, silicone anti-scald gloves. It is harmless to the human body, resistant to high and low temperatures, resistant to steam, boiling, water vapor, and green. General silicone gloves are fashionable and unique, with good quality and reasonable price. Silicone gloves are mainly used in ovens, microwave ovens, barbecues, baked high temperature heat-resistant non-slip. There are three main types of gloves in everyday life. The first is a pure insulated cotton gloves. The middle is an environmentally-friendly insulating cotton. The outside is a pure cotton cloth. The cotton cloth can be silk-screened in various colors according to customer requirements.

    The second is pure silicone gloves. Pure silicone gloves are mainly FDA and LFGB food grade silicone materials. The FDA food-grade standard materials are used in many countries, mainly exported to the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries, the price is medium, another LFGB is mainly exported to European countries, its requirements are more stringent than FDA standard materials, and the price is a little expensive. The third kind of gloves are silicone insulated cotton gloves, which are environmentally-friendly insulation cotton, and outside are pure silica gel gloves, which are more protective than thermal insulation. A good price is a little more expensive than the first type of second glove. Silicone gloves are currently mainly used for export, and domestic use is less.

    Silicone insulated glove features, the product is made of FDA silicone, can withstand high and low temperature from -40 to 250 degrees Celsius, through the FDA & LFGB standard, the internal environmental protection cotton, silicone plus insulation cotton with high temperature can reach 300 degrees Celsius, a single weight About 190g, safe, solid, environmentally friendly, with confidence. Product environmental protection, Rouran, a wide range of colors, heat, water, dust, anti-aging, impervious. Suitable for microwave ovens, ovens, refrigerators, easy to freeze and clean.

     How to maintain silicone gloves? After the first and each use, wash with hot water (diluted food detergent) or in the dishwasher. Do not use abrasive cleaners or foam cleaners. Make sure that the silicone gloves are thoroughly dried before and before each use; when baking, the silicone cups should be opened on the flat pan. Do not allow the mold to dry. For example, if you have a six-shot mold, you only fill three molds. The other three molds must be filled with fresh water. If not, the mold will bake and the service life will be reduced. In order to achieve the best baking effect of baked products, a small amount of anti-stick baking pan oil can be sprayed on the surface of the silicone cup before baking.