What is the difference between silicone products industry at home and abroad?

- Mar 14, 2018-

  At present, the development of China's silicone products industry has certain differences from the development of some homes in Europe and the United States. First, due to the development of economic speed and the development time of the silicone industry in China, there is a certain time difference between Europe and the United States. There is also a lack of technology in R&D experience. Therefore, compared with some other countries, there is a certain gap. The products we produce are mainly aimed at some basic customer requirements, but for some special requirements of exporting countries, we must use imported food grade silicone to make special glue and high-performance glue. Above, there are many deficiencies in our products.

  Secondly, the competition in the silicone product industry has also determined the severity of many manufacturers, capital flow is difficult, competition is too large, customer requirements can not be met, product homogeneity is serious, raw material prices continue to rise, leading to the closure of many domestic manufacturers .

  In some industrial manufacturing and medical industries, most of them are made of imported silicone, while domestic silicone products are mainly used in products with no special requirements at the low end. In order to meet certain special requirements, many silicone products manufacturers generally use imported silicone. The processing of raw materials and platinum vulcanizing agents produced products that meet the FDA hygiene testing standards, so now we and some foreign silicone products will have a lot of shortcomings.

  In recent decades, the annual growth rate of silicone products in China is between 8% and 15%, which exceeds the economic growth rate of the names of many countries in general. The application of silicone rubber products in China is also becoming more and more widespread. In our lives, industrial manufacturing There are various major industries, and the number and types of products are constantly increasing. The field of application is also constantly expanding. The number of silicone product manufacturers in China is now far beyond that of foreign countries. According to statistics, domestic silicone products are now Manufacturers have nearly exceeded 1,000 manufacturers, so now the domestic silicone manufacturing industry has a very large potential market, and the silicone product industry is a relatively partial industry, many products are exported, but for some in the industry Manufacturers who have been stable for a long time have also developed very well for domestic demand. There are also many companies in the country that can choose.