What is the main reason why silica gel products can easily attract dust?

- Mar 17, 2018-

   Have you found out that the silicone products you buy are prone to dust, but can you think of what causes silicone products to easily absorb dust?

   Silica gel desiccant must have been heard, it is because the main component of silica gel material silica and water glass solution is added to the hydroxyl group on the silanol group (as the main adsorption) has a strong adsorption strength, In the desiccant use can be absorbed 70% of the proportion, in the silicone rubber material is solid, white or milky white fine-grained glue which has strong adsorption strength to the surrounding environment of dust and light with strong adsorption!

   The main solution for sticky dust is what silica gel product suppliers need to do. After the product is processed, some products with stricter appearance can be sprayed with anti-static oil to reduce the adsorption strength.