What is the use of silicone products?

- Mar 06, 2018-

  Silica gel is a kind of solid, amorphous chain and network structure of silicic acid polymer particles, molecular formula SiO2.nH2O, is a hydrophilic polar adsorbent.

   It is treated with liu acid aqueous solution of sodium silicate to form a gel, and washed with water to remove liu sour after boring, we get glassy silica gel, it is mainly used for boring, gas mixture and the separation of petroleum components Wait. Silica gel for industrial use is divided into coarse and fine holes. Under the conditions of saturated relative humidity, the adsorption capacity of crude silica gel can reach more than 80% of the adsorbent component, while at low humidity, the adsorption capacity is much lower than that of the pore silica gel.

   Activated alumina is made from aluminum hydrate heated dehydration, its nature depends on the starting hydroxide structure, are generally not pure Al2O3, but partially hydrated amorphous porous structure material, not only during the amorphous Gel, as well as hydroxide crystals. Because of its capillary channel appearance with high activity, it is also known as activated alumina. It has a strong affinity for water, is a trace amount of water used to dry with the adsorbent. Under certain operating conditions, its dry depth up to dew point below -70 .