What is the use of the slotted spatula in kitchen utensils

- Apr 25, 2018-

  The slotted spatula was named after the leak. The spatula head was mostly made of stainless steel. Several strip-shaped empty slots were often opened slightly in front of the middle of the spatula head, showing the characteristics of easy leakage. The slotted turner can be used as an ordinary spatula to stir-fry the dishes in Chinese food and western food, turn roast pork steaks, and other foods. The slotted spatula is often used in frying cooking (fried patties, fried broilers, fried fish, etc.), often in a household without a colander, and it plays a special role when it is necessary to remove the excess oil. It is also possible to omit excess water from boiled and leeches. The slotted spatula is a multi-purpose kitchen shovel.