What material is good for baking mould

- Jul 30, 2018-

  1. The metal mold 

    The metal mold ownership rate is the highest among all kinds of users. You may not have silicon mold and glass mold, but there must be several metal mold.Why are there so many metal molds?Because metal easy heat conduction, easy to shape, easy to plating film.If compared with the thermal conductivity of metal, > aluminum > > iron > weather-resistant > stainless steel, so copper mold has the best thermal conductivity, but it is easy to be corroded and difficult to handle.

       So aluminum alloy in the mould is metal mould number one, but a lot of people know that the aluminum intake too much easier to dementia, so some molds imported or domestic brands can anodic oxidation of aluminum alloy mould processing mould, after oxidation treatment of aluminum alloy surface is very stable, and is safe.So everybody when aluminum alloy mold of choose and buy, be sure to choose anodic alumina products, maybe you will find the same brand or the same two merchants sell aluminum alloy mold look almost the same, but the price difference is very big, the low price may be not after anodic oxidation treatment, don't keen on gaining petty advantages and neglect of health.

       Compared with the aluminum alloy film, iron mold does not need to worry too much. It is usually coated, otherwise it is easy to rust and the quality is better.

        Weather-resistant steel is a kind of material between iron and stainless steel. The steel of various kinds of buildings is also rusted. However, the corrosion speed is relatively slow and the price is cheap.

        Stainless steel, in the practical application, often called the weak corrosive medium corrosion resistant steel stainless steel, and called the resistance to chemical corrosion medium steel acid-resistant steel.Due to the difference in chemical composition, the former is not necessarily resistant to corrosion of chemical media, while the latter is generally non-rust.Stainless steel mold with high gloss, perfect thinness, common kitchen utensils and molds are brushed stainless steel treatment and mirror stainless steel.The slender pound cake mould of MMM we use is mirror stainless steel, but the stainless steel is easy to be stained. So, no matter the cake is baked or the bread needs to be handled, the cake needs to be put in the baking paper, and the bread should be baked with as much butter as possible.


        High heat resistance, general 78 baidu heat resistance.SO, you will see that a lot of Nordic tableware is made of ceramic, and the temperature of the general baking cup is ok. As for whether it contains toxic substances, it is recommended to choose high-grade brand goods.


        Mainly buy lead-free, do not use ordinary glass containers, be sure to recognize the brand of oven special glass, prevent explosion.


        The low cost silicone mold is not stable enough. When heated at high temperature, the low-standard defective product will release harmful substances or odors, causing poisoning or cancer.

        A good silicone mould is not only tasteless, smooth and free of powder, but also not easy to deform, change color and edge warping.