What material is good for the tableware

- Jul 25, 2018-

  1. Silver cutlery

    Silver tableware, silver disassociates in water extremely small amount of silver ion, have sterilization function, in a lot of ancient costume film, people also test with silver needle whether food is poisonous.But silver cutlery is a luxury, and copper bowls have a similar effect.Aluminium bowl had better not use, use more careful mental decline.

  2. Wooden tableware

    First of all, wooden tableware is a kind of pure natural product, rich in resources but also can be produced, a wide range of materials.And wood, which is 100% degradable.With plastic tableware is not degradable, and silver tableware luxury, wooden tableware is a safe and affordable choice.There are also wooden tableware that can be beaten into any shape of hardwood, such as birch and maple.

    However, wood is an absorbent, porous material that is soaked in water and bacteria.For this reason, wooden tableware is not hygienic and suitable for long-term use.

  3. Bamboo tableware

    The bamboo chopsticks that use most is bamboo, economic and practical, do not waste wood, but should keep dry, otherwise easy to get mildew, especially in the south, in the rainy and wet season, should notice to wash clean put in ventilated place.

  4. Glass tableware

    Clean and hygienic, do not contain toxic substance commonly.But glassware is fragile and sometimes "mouldy."This is because glass is eroded by water for a long time. Sodium silicate in glass reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to form white carbonic acid crystals, which will damage the health of the heat body.

  5. Iron utensils

    Generally , iron cutlery is not poisonous.However, it should be noted that iron rusts easily, and rust can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, upset, poor appetite and other diseases.In addition, it is not suitable to use iron containers for cooking oil, because oil in iron storage time too long easy to oxidize metamorphism.

  6. Plastic cutlery

    Its advantage is light, beautiful, not easily broken, cheap price, deeply loved by people.However, plastic tableware is made of polyvinyl chloride and other macromolecular materials with additives. If the monomer vinyl chloride is not removed cleanly or the additives are not used properly, it will also harm human health.Extravagant plastic tableware is made from polyethylene, polypropylene and melamine.Melamine plastic is a kind of thermosetting plastic, it with melamine formaldehyde resin as the main raw material, adding the right amount of paper pulp fiber fillers and coloring agents and other auxiliary materials, non-toxic, tasteless, acid and alkali resistance, now more used in the market for children tableware.