What material of cutting board is good

- Aug 06, 2018-

Wood cutting board

Natural materials, relatively healthy, high density, strong toughness, strong use, more suitable for cutting meat or some hard food.Many kinds: camphor, oak, iron, cypress, poplar, white fruit, etc.However, wooden cutting board is easy to crack when used for a long time, which may produce wood slag and need constant maintenance.Some wooden chopping boards (such as blackberry-wood) are toxic and smelly, contaminating dishes with them and causing vomiting, abdominal pain and dizziness.The surface is easy to produce knife marks, if the cleaning is not thorough, it is easy to hide dirt, bacteria, and contaminated food.So what is good wood for the chopping block?Examples are not easily cracked white fruit, saponin, birch, or willow.

Plastic cutting board

Plastic vegetable plates are mostly made of polypropylene, polyethylene and other products. Although they are light in weight and easy to carry, they are easy to deform and are not resistant to high temperature.Some plastic cutting board with rough texture, it is easy to cut out slag foaming, enter the human body with food, causing damage to liver and kidney.Some color hair deep plastic chopping board, it is made with waste plastic more, harmful material more, some vegetable board contains lead, cadmium and other plasticizer, long-term use even has the risk of cancer.So plastic cutting board had better choose color translucent, quality is better, color is even, do not have impurity and irritant odour plastic cutting board.

Bamboo cutting board

Qualified bamboo and vegetable board should be made of natural plants. The material is relatively strong and it is not easy to crack or drop slag. Dirt is not easy to be stuck in the cracks.Because bamboo vegetable board is easy to dry, not easy to mold, have peculiar smell, it is a good choice.However, due to the lack of thickness, most of the bamboo vegetable boards are pieced together and cannot withstand heavy blows when used. Therefore, it is better to cut vegetables or fruits, while meat is not suitable.

Glass cutting board

Toughened glass cutting board, the advantages of glass cutting board are easy to clean, after use of direct water rinsing can be clean, no mold;Under the cutting board, there is anti-skid design, which is not easy to move on the operating table.The cutting board doesn't ooze or suck oil, and it's good to cut fruit or make pancakes.The disadvantages are also obvious: the sound of cutting food is not so pleasant, even harsh, but it is good to get used to it.When I first started using it, I didn't dare to do it. I always felt that I would cut up the cutting board.