What preparations must be done before the production of silicone products?

- Apr 16, 2018-

   Whether the surface of the product is smooth or not is directly related to the mold. The quality of the mold directly affects the quality of the product. So what should be done before the production of silicone products? How should the mold be processed to produce a smooth and clean product?

  To produce high-quality silicone products, preparation is very important. The preparation of molds and the preparation of raw materials need to be done as fully as possible. The first is to give your mold sandblasting, mold sandblasting is a fine work, mainly in the sand under high pressure on the silicone mold surface flushing, making the mold surface more delicate and clean, in the production process will not be accompanied by impurities. In addition to sandblasting silicone molds, mold warming, moldwashing, moldpads, and more are all steps that can be performed.

   The production of silicone rubber products is a complicated process, and the quality is good and bad except for the machine and human factors. Intermediate inspection is the key to discovering and resolving major product quality issues. Therefore, maintaining the normal operation of the machine, the good working conditions of the mold, and enhancing the operating skills and quality awareness training of the operators and quality control personnel are the key to reducing the production failure and the benefit of the company.