What problems arise in the production of silicone products?

- Apr 13, 2018-

  Silicone products are currently widely used in the market, but the phenomenon of defective products often occurs in the production of silicone products, and as long as there is no control management in place in production, it will cause the production of defective products, and this kind of bad phenomenon is Silicone products are not uncommon during the production process.

  Therefore, the production process still requires certain skills and experience. Do you know how hard these silicone products have come from? Every silicone product is accompanied by the risk of being eliminated at any time. As a producer, we do not allow every defective product to appear in front of the customer. What are the problems encountered in the production of silicone products?

  1. The lack of material rework is generally caused by the lack of timely feeding or feeding less material when silicone raw material is formed. Generally, if the shortage of silicone buttons is not serious, we can repair it, but if it is really short In serious cases, only scrapped.

  2. There are dark marks, dark marks are the surface of the silicone keys will appear 2 kinds of color difference in color, generally if the dark mark is difficult, only scrapped.

  3. Poor wind conditions, this situation can still be repaired, mainly to look at the situation, and select some unfamiliar or press the silica gel button can still try.

  4. Smudge problem is that there will be some color points on the surface that are different from the color of the silica gel button. We call it a spot. In general, this case or something with a larger friction force tries to remove it. If not, only the surface of the stain is removed. Silicone material, then feed can be.