What's the advantage and disadvantage of one-time tableware

- Jul 26, 2018-

Disposable lunch box is foamed plastic tableware, food if more than sixty-five degrees, can precipitate itself with toxins, intrusion into food, like plastic bags can not meet high temperature, and if in the process of machining process control is bad, poison will be bigger, in this eat lunch box is equivalent to chronic poisoning, even though toxicity, but long-term use, will cause harm to liver, kidney.

  1. Can plastic be real

    Inferior disposable plastic meal box because of the low price, a few cents can be bought, so it is welcomed by some small restaurants.For example, in the production of inferior meal boxes, a large number of industrial grade calcium carbonate, talc powder, paraffin wax and other toxic and harmful materials are generally added, which poses a direct threat to the health of users.

    Fake environmental protection plastic meal box hand touched soft, gently tear on the rupture, a smell pungent and choking eyes, heat deformation easy to leak;The strength of the fake paper pulp meal box is poor and the color is deep.There is no factory name, no trademark and no date of production on the packing box and meal box;The fake food box is heavier than the qualified product, which is easy to sink when it is put in water after being torn (the proportion of the qualified product is less than 1, and it will not sink).The price is cheap, usually less than 0.10 yuan, while the price of a truly environment-friendly meal box is more than 0.3 yuan.

  2. Convenience chopsticks are too white to be alarmed

    Many people think disposable chopsticks are sanitary and safe when eating out.But in order to reduce costs, some small workshops use inferior wood.To "whiten" the chopsticks, some illegal elements will be fumigated with sulfur and bleached.When you eat with these chopsticks, the remaining sulfur dioxide enters the body.

  3. Fancy colored straw is not always safe

    When drinking a drink, it is important to note that many straws are made of waste plastic and are harmful to the liver and kidneys.

  4. Identify disposable paper cups

    Look: besides the name, address and date of production on the package, you should also look at the light. If there is blue light or impurities, you'd better not buy them.

    Smell: there is no pungent smell.

    Touch: it feels especially soft and may be a poor quality product.