What's the baking tool you need to make the cake?

- Sep 29, 2017-

1, electronic said: baking is different from Chinese, baking more emphasis on the amount of precision. When the novice just started is not recommended by the feeling to change the amount of the side yard, in strict accordance with Fang Zilai, or the possibility of failure is great. Pick a unit can be converted, do not manually count, count a few times on the crash. Peeling function also has to have.

2, egg beater: Power & manual. Egg white, egg yolk, butter, butter, are not manual egg whisk, half a dozen will come out. On the market, the general can play eggs, do not buy too much power.

3, scraper: silicone or rubber, knife surface can beat the edge of the egg scraping the edge of the raw materials, other tools can not be replaced, can not improvise.

4, sieve: available soybean milk machine comes with sieve, also can buy other. Mainly in the raw materials, flour, baking powder and other powder classes, after screening can avoid small pieces, so that the finished product is more delicate. Or do Tiramisu a cake, finally sift cocoa powder and sugar, also must be used.

5, the amount of the amount of the cup: & is generally a hang 5, 1ml, 2.5ml, 5ml, 7.5ml, 15ml.

Buy a cup, silica gel, in addition to the water, but also easy to pour the batter.

6, egg pots: two recommendations, and sometimes the egg yolk and protein will be treated separately. And it is recommended to buy the bottom is sleek, not cylindrical. IKEA's egg basin is easy to use. Don't buy small.

7, brush: silica gel, brush will easily lose hair, not so. Can be used to brush brush oil, egg etc..

8, silicone bowl: before baking, you need to weigh each of the raw materials, rather than the same weighing, so long, need some containers to bloom, buy 5 or so, you can also use glass or other materials.

9, pastry bag & Decorating mouth: cakes and cookies need to do.

10, tin foil & baking paper

11, 6 inch or 8 inch cake hopper