What should do if there is an odor in the purchased silicone product?

- Mar 14, 2018-

Rubber and plastic products appear odor and people are accustomed to, and the smell of silica gel children is a problem that many people care about, because the basis of silicone material is non-toxic environmental protection material does not appear odor! Then the problem came with some silicone gifts. What caused the odor phenomenon of users of silicone daily products to be caused? Do smells create harm in the end?

The basis of scientific experiments is very true. The raw materials for silica gel are generally divided into silicone oil, silicone resin and white carbon black. At the same time as refining solid rubber, it is necessary to add reinforcing agents. The solid coagulant is used for mixing to become semi-transparent solid raw materials. The addition of colorant and vulcanizing agent to the production of the rubber compound, in the final high temperature of 200 degrees formed! However, after many times of mixing and blending, the appearance of odor in the final product after press-fitting is also unavoidable.

However, the problem of odors is that they can be filtered through the secondary vulcanization of silica gel product manufacturers, removing odors and residual components of the products to keep the product environmentally friendly and non-toxic, so the silicone products you purchase are likely to have not gone through Secondary vulcanization removes the odor, and then after a long period of sealing results in the appearance of odors, although the taste is not maintained for a few days but the smell will slowly disappear.

So now I tell you that for the appearance of odor silica gel products can be used with confidence, after experiments show that the appearance of odor in silicone does not cause harm to the human body, because it always retains the cause of the performance, does not conflict with any substance in addition to strong alkali acid In addition, if you accidentally swallow it, it can remain intact and without any reaction!