What should we pay attention to when purchasing silicone products?

- Mar 15, 2018-

  In life, we can't avoid all sorts of trivial and intractable safety issues. Some products that are harmful to health, such as allergies, poisoning, etc., saw news yesterday that one person in Guangzhou was going to hit a street vendor on the roadside. The reason is because they After using the cups purchased on the ground to purchase, an allergic phenomenon occurs and the owner is required to lose money. Therefore Xiaobian wants to say that such a thorny problem has certain responsibility for sellers, sellers, and manufacturers. Manufacturers want to save costs and use disadvantages. Expired and other material production, stalls want to buy a cheaper drinking cups, buyers want to take advantage of, save a little more! So it's not wrong to remind our friends that it's not a good thing to be cheap, but to learn to distinguish! Is it not good to buy silicone products!

  Silicone daily necessities are the most commonly used items in our urban life. They may be used when drinking water, may be used during meals, and may also be used during work. Therefore, safety is more important, and the quality and safety of plastic cups. There are certain problems in performance. Therefore, when purchasing silicone products for many purchase friends and merchants, select regular silicone product manufacturers to check whether various food-grade environmental protection monitoring certifications can pass, or if they can directly visit the door to see if they can achieve production safety. standard. However, we have to use our own experience to buy a single merchant and a variety of small-volume products.

  In general, many silicone product manufacturers will use different silicon raw materials and vulcanizing agents in the production of silicone products, so for your understanding of how to distinguish the quality of silicone material: the taste of the product generally high-quality material made of platinum vulcanizing agent does not There will be an odor phenomenon. Ordinary silica gel will not show a little odor after it has not been baked. It will not have different hardness and softness on the hand, and the product will have different pulling force. High tensile products are of good quality and stretched after stretching. There will be a white mist, and ordinary silica gel will have this phenomenon, followed by fire is the best way, white is a silicone, black smoke does not belong to silicone may be rubber.