Whether the appearance of silicone products can determine success or failure

- Mar 09, 2018-

 Silicone products are now sold in severe forms. In addition to the process problems in the production process, raw material issues, and mold issues, every detail can determine whether a customer can pay for you, especially when faced with new customers. Can determine the success or failure, but in the silicone products industry, the first impression of the appearance of the details of the customers can often affect whether the consensus can become a long-term partner, so the product on the packaging and appearance of each detail should be fully Testing, let customers pick the most satisfactory product, let us get the best praise.

  From the appearance of the product to the appearance of the package there are many details to deal with. In the appearance of the product, the color matching and the color saturation concentration all bring important visual sensations to the consumers. Therefore, it is very important to modulate the color concentration and the color masterbatch, and secondly, it will not touch people's hand. Rough and smooth, in the fuel injection details should be carefully tested whether it is comprehensive, whether the use of raw materials containing impurities or expired, mold mold line is also very important point, the product separation line burr size often affects the silicone rubber products The main appearance and other issues.

  The appearance of many products on the packaging packaging is to attract consumers to buy the main reason, and now many silicone products manufacturers are because of an obscure small package to reduce the cost of the product, obviously a relatively high-quality products are destroyed in a Above the packaging, so do not save costs, cheap and no good goods! Blind selection of packaging bags is not acceptable. Should first consider how to choose to show its value, do a good job in matching the color, the quality of the material and safety, and the use of time and other issues, whether you can register a trademark and so on. Summarized to one sentence, the details determine the success or failure, whether in the production of the product, or after the paragraph should be done in detail, they are not far away from you.