Which tableware can not be used for baby

- May 18, 2018-

  Adult tableware

  Adult cutlery is not suitable for babies regardless of size or weight. The oversized tableware baby is not easy to control, not only increases the difficulty of the baby learning to increase the meal, but also undermines their self-confidence.


  The child is too young to be aware of the danger. There is a safety hazard when he comes into contact with Western-style tableware too early. The material of the knife and fork is hard, and the sharp appearance can easily harm the baby's mouth.

  Fragile cutlery

  At the beginning of learning to eat, the baby's small hand is not yet comfortable and has weak control. Fragile cutlery not only causes waste, but also can scratch the baby and cause damage to the baby.

  Children chopstick

  The baby is still unable to fully coordinate the hand muscles, and using chopsticks prematurely can be dangerous. It is advisable to start training your child for self-feeding. It is best to choose a sleek spoon, and train with chopsticks after 3-4 years old.