Why do many families now use silicone spatula?

- Mar 20, 2018-

Now many families use silicone spatula. Why is this? This kind of spatula looks like plastic, it feels unsafe, and the price is a little expensive. Why does anyone like to use it?

Silicon spatula completely overcomes the disadvantages of the wooden spatula. The wooden spatula mainly has the following drawbacks: straight shank, stir fry is not smart enough, easy to shovel vegetables out of the pot when woking, and can not shovel the bottom of the soup Juice; For non-stick pans, wooden shovels are better than iron shovels, but they are still easy to draw flowers. When they are not high-temperature resistant, shovel heads are easy to burn black; wet weather is easy to mold. Silicon spatula handle and shovel body perfect angle, stir fry pot is very convenient. Especially in the protection of non-stick coating, silicone spatula is not replaced by other materials spatula.

In addition to good use, in the era of everyone's attention to health, silicone spatula material key Kang is also a big reason why people choose it! It is hoped that more and more people will like this kind of easy-to-use and healthy kitchen utensils, and more and more families will use it.