Why do some silicone products have odors and what should I do?

- Apr 07, 2018-

With the continuous improvement of silicone product technology, silica gel products have become more and more widely used in daily life. However, some businesses have discovered that some silicone products emit a very pungent odor when they purchase silicone products. Why do some silicone products have odor? Some did not? The appearance of odors in rubber and plastic products makes people accustomed to it. For odor problems in silicone, many people pay attention to them. Because silicone material is said to be a non-toxic, environmentally friendly material, there is no odor at all. Then the question arises. How did these odors come about? Will it cause harm to the human body?

    The main reason for these problems is that in order to save costs, some silica gel plants use environmentally-friendly, inexpensive ordinary vulcanizing agents rather than environmentally-friendly odorless vulcanizing agents that can be completely tested by ROHS. Vulcanizing agent is a kind of catalyst that promotes the vulcanization molding of silica gel raw materials. After the silica gel products are molded, it will volatilize, and only a small part will remain. After 48 hours, it will evaporate. The vulcanizing agent will not harm the human product, but the low vulcanizing agent will produce a pungent, burning smell, which lasts for about one month. Therefore, when selecting silicone products, try to choose better performance, tasteless silicone products. Silicone kitchen utensils in particular require stricter requirements.

    Basically, there is no big taste in the rubber compound, and the taste problems are mainly in the vulcanizing agent and vulcanizing machine. The choice of vulcanizing agent should be odorless vulcanizing agent, basically no smell after the second stage. It should be noted that do not use 200 degrees, 155 degrees or 150 degrees during the secondary vulcanization and bake for 12 hours. If the temperature is too high, the product can easily age and the quality cannot be guaranteed.

    However, the problem of odor of silicone products can be filtered through the secondary vulcanization of the silicone product factory to remove the odor and residual components of the product to keep the product green and non-toxic. How to deal with the smell of silicone products? Can be used with confidence, after experiments show that the smell of silicone does not appear to cause harm to the human body, because it always retains the cause of the performance, does not conflict with any substance in addition to strong alkaline acids, if you accidentally swallow it It can also be kept intact and without any reaction.