Why do some silicone products require low temperature vulcanization?

- Mar 17, 2018-

  Silicone products are processed by high-temperature vulcanization, but it is not ruled out that there are always a small number of silicone products that do not require high-temperature vulcanization. It is necessary to use low-temperature vulcanization or rapid vulcanization molding. Does such a process require different raw materials or different raw materials?

  Low-temperature vulcanization is specially designed for a part of silicone products. The products involved in this process include electronic components and sensitive silicone products. Many electronic components or plastic accessories cannot be molded at high temperatures, but can only withstand very low temperatures, say only 70 degrees or less than 100 degrees. Such electronic components can be quickly and quickly formed without being subject to high temperatures. Platinum vulcanizing agents must be used. This vulcanizing agent has a great advantage of being able to quickly vulcanize at low temperatures, saving time and energy.  And there is no smell, but at the same time the price is also very expensive. Therefore, general silicone products will not use such vulcanizing agents. In order to not affect the circuit board components of the product, rapid vulcanization has become an inevitable method.