Why does silicone product have stain spot?

- Mar 14, 2018-

   Stain is a poorly-appearing product for silicone products. It will also affect the use of silicone products. If the stain is light, a good-looking customer may not care about it. A non-speaking customer may request a return if the stain is serious. If the bad products are dealt with, then where does the stain of  these silicone products come from?

   First of all, it may be the problem of raw materials for silica gel, the production workshop for silica gel products, the molding workshop, and the stock preparation workshop. If the environment is not clean, the silica gel raw materials are not well-preserved, and when exposed to the air, dust is easily adsorbed, and the silica gel products may be stained. ;

   Second, the production of molds or production equipment and the surrounding dirt more, then the product in the production process will cause a lot of dirt inside the mold cavity, and then the formation will cause the stain;

   In addition, the external release agent itself is contaminated. When the release agent is sprayed, the contaminants are also ejected and adsorbed on the surface of the cavity, resulting in contamination of the key surface after molding.

   Finally, it may be that the underside of the vulcanizing machine is contaminated by the electric heating plate. If the mold is closed, the dirt will be sucked into the mold cavity and cause the contamination of the silicone product.