Why is silicone tableware not popular in China?

- Mar 15, 2018-

  Because many foreign furnaces use electric heating wire... The temperature is controllable, and the temperature is low... The domestic gas or gas stoves are all used.

  Many overseas students want to get a quick fire in foreign countries. They all have headaches. When the oil is hot for half a day, one dish goes down and the temperature falls again.

  Add some other ingredients...A plate of lettuce is also about ten minutes away... It doesn't feel like a quick dish!

  Silicone tableware is not suitable for making Chinese foods, or some silicone dinnerware is too disadvantageous in the production of Chinese food compared with traditional tableware.

  I also bought some silicone bedding abroad, and I was replaced by traditional bedding without exception.

  Take the diagrams listed in the answer, for example. You can see that 80 percent of them are related to West Point. Let's say that there are not many ordinary people who have nothing to do in West Point.

  If the spatula is okay, you can't say it can't be used, but it's not as easy to use as a traditional one.

  It seems to be a bit of a sensation to the guy who can go overboard, but it doesn't have any special advantage compared to stainless steel drain pans. .

  Just to see someone else's answer to think of it a bit, cooking in Canada is electric stove, fire is particularly slow, basic and cooking is not, in this case my silicone spatula with a few times before there will be melted In the case of curling, not to mention the domestic fire, the pan was mixed in minutes.