Why should we open silicone sample molds?

- Mar 09, 2018-

  Many customers who cannot manufacture silicone products often ask a question: “Silicone products have molds, why do you need to open sample molds?” Why waste time and energy to open more sample molds? However, it is an important part of the sample mold before production.

  First of all, sometimes, when the size structure of the silicone products that customers send is not very accurate or completely determined, we usually use sample molds for development, which will facilitate the modification of the later silica gel product size structure.

  Moreover, sometimes when the customer requests a mold but there is no image file, then we can only perform proofing (sample opening), use the sample to measure the product structure size data, and re-map the sample data to the measured data, and then Then open the mold, but the data obtained through data measurement will generally be subject to errors. Only by using the sample to open the mold can reduce the number of modifications to the production mold.

  In addition, after the customer proposes the product detailed drawing file to request to open the mold, it will often need to modify the mold in the mold opening process. At this time, the sample mold is a good method. Just as we wrote the report, the official report does not allow any typos. First, draft the draft paper, and then formally write the report. If any typos appear in the report, it will be rewritten. Now the sample mold is equivalent to the draft paper, and the formal report paper is equivalent to the production of the mold. Silicone product sample mold can facilitate the modification of the mold product.

  Finally, the production price of the sample mold is much lower than that of the production mold. Therefore, if the mold is scrapped due to the modification of the mold, the lower cost of the sample mold is also a way for the company as a whole to reduce the cost by opening the mold. If the production mold is used directly, If you open a mold, it will not be worth the damage if it is damaged.