Why Silicone is called Food Grade Silicone

- Mar 12, 2018-

  Why is silica gel known as food silicone? Because of his extensive use, has unique advantages, especially non-toxic and tasteless, let it be widely used in our lives, such as our common teapot, drinking fountains, kettle, electric Rice cookers, frying pans, and other silicone products, as well as our human body prosthetics and baby pacifiers, pacifiers are essential items for children's daily lives, if it does not have strict quality assurance, it can not be put into use. Silicon rubber household items that must undergo quality certification can be used with confidence. It not only has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance and environmental protection. Silicone rubber is widely used in food kitchens. All kinds of silicone kitchenware are certainly passed quality inspection, so we use it as a food-grade silicone product in the use of many silicone products!