Stainless Steel Utensil Rice Paddle

Stainless Steel Utensil Rice Paddle

1. Easy cleaning and space-saving. Ergonomic and comfortable grip.
2. Eco-friendly,tasteless,hygenic,harmless for your body.
3. Hole in handle for easy hanging. Easy to use and have long service life.
4. Anti-oxidant, acid and alkali resistance, never rust and no chemical reactions with the food being cut, keeping the food freshly tasted.
5. Reasonable direct factory price, high quality & fast delivery.

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Stainless Steel Utensil Rice Paddle

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Item refColorProduct sizeWeightMaterial
MLB-LVB-010sliver29*7.6*1.5cm127g201 stainless steel

Care Instruction:

1) Don't impact violently or scratch with sharp instruments! 

2) Be sure to wash it using dishwashing detergent and wipe off the water when using it for the first time. 

3) Do not use it on open flame, and do not expose to open flame or heat. It may become deformed or discolored. In addition, be sure to use it below the allowable temperature limit.

4) After using it with oil or fat, immediately wash it with dishwashing detergent. It may become discolored. Avoid using scouring powder or deodorizers.. 

5) After use, wash thoroughly with a sponge, etc., using detergent and wipe it off before storage. 

6) Use only for intended purpose.

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1.Q: Why you should choose us?

A: You will find a reliable suppliers(the best choice)when you received the samples from us.

2.Q: Do you allow small quantity order ?

A: We accept small quantity order and also pay attention to each of our clients.

3.Q: Can you print custom logo on the product?

A: Yes, we can silk-screen print and pad print on it.

4. Q: What are all the ways to form silicone (e.g. die cut, compression molding, etc.)?

A: High temperature vulcanizing machine mold. 

5.Q: What should I care of silicone product?

A: Silicone is easy to care and clean. Regularly you can wipe the outside of the product with a damp cloth, using a liquid soap where necessary to keep the surface clean. If the silicone contacts any part of the body, clean it regularly with warm soapy water. 

6.Q: Is Silicone product Safe? 

A: We use a 100% food grade silicone. We do not use any fillers what so ever. Fillers compromise the performance of

the baking and may break down from the heat. Our Silicone kitchenware are approved by SGS, FDA and LFGB, so it's healthy and safe to use. 

7. Q. Silicone seems to be more expensive than other rubber, why is this?

A: Silicone is more expensive than most rubber types because it is a special high performance polymer with outstanding qualities.It is made in relatively low quantities and requires expensive and complicated primary manufacturing facilities.

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