3000sests Microplane Grater To USA, Mass Production Begin Now.

- Nov 26, 2018-

There's a reason so many professional chefs are passionate about their Microplane graters - and the reason is flavor. From garlic, to fresh ginger, to lime and lemon zest, to the core of a whole nutmeg - there's no better way to get fresh, zingy flavors than a few swipes of a Microplane grater. Stamped out of 18/8 steel, these graters stay sharp for years, won't shred your fingers, are dishwasher safe, and are easy to use with only a little effort. The long, thin narrow design keeps shavings where you want them. And although this fine grater is not typically what you think of for cheese, you can use it on very hard cheeses to make a very fine, soft cheese fluff - think Parmesan - that melts or dissolves easily, distributing flavor throughout a dish.

If I'm in the kitchen, I need my microplane grater, and you need one too!

microplane grater