6 Mold Silica Gel Applications Often Encountered Problems?

- Mar 20, 2018-

1. mold silicone why there will be a small number of turning mode?

Too much silicone oil is added during the production of the mold. Silicone oil destroys the molecular weight of the silica gel, so the mold will appear less frequent and not durable. If you say that products with relatively small patterns are more complicated, and you open molds with hard silicone, there will be fewer turns, because the time for the silicone will be brittle and it will break easily. On the contrary, if you build a product and use a small hardness silica gel mold, the result will be equally unsatisfactory. Because silica gel is too soft, its tensile and tear strength will be reduced, and the resulting mold will be deformed, so the number of turnings will be reduced. The quality of the mold adhesive itself is very good, silicone is not good or bad, only suitable and not suitable. We need to use silicone for the hardness of the product to make the mold will not appear this situation.

2. Why die silicone mold burning phenomenon?

Because unsaturated resin and resin products add peroxide curing agent, the reaction will generate a lot of heat, the general resin curing time is 3 minutes, so after 3 minutes to demoulding as soon as possible to prevent the silicone mold will not Burning phenomenon occurs.

3, mold silicone mold and the method of making

Slicing die or sheet die operation method: The vacuum pumped silica gel by brushing or pouring method for construction. If you are doing a film die or a stencil die with a brushing method, apply a layer of release agent or release agent to the product or model you want to copy before brushing, then apply silicone to the product. : Must be painted evenly) Wait 30 minutes, then paste the surface with a layer of gauze or glass fiber cloth to increase the strength, then apply a second layer of silica gel, etc. After the silica gel is dried, make the outer mold, the outer mold can be used Plaster or resin and other materials.

Filling or pouring mold operation method: filling or filling mold, is used for relatively smooth or simple products, that is, the product or model you want to copy, surrounded by plastic sheet or glass plate, will be vacuum pumped silicone Pour directly into the product, after the silica gel is dried and molded, take out the product and the mold is formed. (Note: The injection mold is generally made of soft silicone to make the mold so that the mold release is relatively easy and will not damage the product inside the silicone mold) The above is the entire process of using and operating the mold silicone.

4. Why die silicone does not dry out?

Mold silicone is a condensation type silica gel, which is cured by absorbing water in the air. During the process of making silicone, the water is evaporated and the amount of water is not transferred. This phenomenon occurs. . Solution: This phenomenon is not a product quality problem, but because there is no control of water, and the storage period of silica gel is increased, the shelf life will be long-term phenomenon. As long as the silica gel is used, add 0.05% water and stir well. Can solve some of the situation.

5. why mold silicone will appear poor pull phenomenon?

Because customers in the process of making molds, in order to reduce the viscosity of silica gel, so that easy operation of silica gel and silicone oil in a large number of added silicone oil, this will make the silica gel becomes very soft, resulting in immature pull, tear strength is reduced, The phenomenon of poor tensile force causes the mold to be unreliable, has a short service life, and has a small number of turn-overs.

6. why die oil situation?

The mold silicone itself will not be oiled, and the emergence of oil is due to the addition of composite silicone oil (a complex of silicone oil and white mineral oil) during the operation, because the white mineral oil is a petrochemical product, not a silicone oil.