A Cook Is Only As Good As His Nylon Utensils

- Dec 08, 2017-

  Choose your tools wisely and have your pick of the bunch from nylon utensils, wooden utensils and silicone utensils.  

  They say that “a cook is only as good his utensils”.  But with so many utensil types to choose from, how do you know which one is truly the best?  There are various choices when it comes to kitchen utensils, but nylon utensils come up tops when it comes to strength and durability.  A nylon utensil doesn’t go out of shape like a wooden spoon and it is often much more affordable than a silicone spatula. 

  Whether you consider yourself to be a baking genius, a culinary artist or a complete catering novice, nylon utensils will stand the test time and last for many years to come.

  Nylon Utensils – The Real Kitchen Workhorse

  Tough, durable and safe to use, nylon utensils are the real workhorses of the kitchen.  They can stand the test of time, giving you many more years in the kitchen as a master chef but they won’t cost you the earth either.  Here are some things to consider when choosing between the major utensil choices; wooden, silicone and nylon utensils. 

· Wear and tear – wear and tear happens to everything we own, including items we use outside of the kitchen, so this is just a very natural process to expect.  But when it comes to choosing utensils, nylon utensils are recognised to have a much tougher shell.

· Price – silicone is extremely durable but can sometimes cost as much as three times more than nylon.  On average, the nylon material is much cheaper than silicone so you can put a few pennies back into your pocket and splash out on other kitchenware. 

· Stick resistance – nylon utensils are best known for their stick-resistant or non-stick properties, making them ideal for both baking and cooking. They never damage the pots and pans that you use them and because of their stick resistance, they’re easy to clean. 

· Cooking safety – nylon utensils can resist bacteria much better than your average spoon or spatula, and is completely safe to use in food preparation and cooking.