A Multi-purpose Shovel For Fried Fish

- Nov 08, 2017-

Shovel, a wide range of hand tools consisting of a handlebar for digging or throwing materials in a wide bucket or slightly concave shovel. The shovel is a very important accessory in the kitchen and is an indispensable tool in the home cooking process. Shovels are used in the kitchen cooking process to turn, stir-fry all kinds of food, shovel material and shape and structure is also varied. Kitchen cooking process, especially in the cooking of fish, fried fish in the process of turning ordinary shovel fish often easy to fish shape damage, and easy to pot of oil splashed around cause scald, and the existing for cooking However, the frying shovel is not easy to operate in the process of use. The safety of the frying fish in the overturning process is low and the function is single. Therefore, it is not able to meet the needs of cooking fish at the same time because it can not be used in fish cooking. In order to solve the above problems, the present invention proposes a multi-purpose shovel for fried fish and fish.

The multi-functional shovel used for frying fish and boiled fish comprises an upper shovel, a lower shovel, an upper fixed connecting block, a lower fixed connecting block and a spring member. The upper shovel and the lower shovel are both provided with a shovel head and a shovel handle , An upper fixing connecting block is arranged on the end of the shovel handle on the upper shovel, a mounting groove is arranged in the upper part of the upper fixing connecting block, upper mounting holes are arranged on both sides of the mounting slot, and the upper mounting holes are correspondingly provided with a lower The lower mounting hole is connected on both sides of the lower fixed connecting block, the lower fixed connecting block is mounted on the upper end of the shovel handle on the lower shovel, the top of the lower fixed connecting block is provided with a handhold, the inner side of the lower fixed connecting block A mounting groove is provided, a spring member and a fixing pin are installed in the mounting groove, the fixing pin penetrates the upper fixing block, the lower fixing block and the spring member.

The beneficial effects achieved by the present invention are as follows: The multi-purpose shovel for fish and boiled fish according to the present invention, through the cooperation of the upper shovel and the lower shovel in the upper fixed connecting block, the lower fixed connecting block, the spring member and the fixing pin, During the process of cooking fish, it can keep the shape of the fish from being damaged when the fish body is overturned. The utility model has the advantages of convenient operation during the turnover process, less oil splashing, increased operational safety during turning over fish, Can not only be used for fried fish, but also can be used to complete the fish at the end of the fish placed in the tray for the convenience of users in the process of cooking fish Easy to use Multi-purpose to improve the shape of the fish during cooking Integrity.