A Price Of 3000 Dollars Art Made With Tablespoons

- Nov 29, 2017-

  James Rice, who served in the U.S. Air Force, did not even think about it at first. His life was rewritten because his wife made the wrong order.

  In preparation for the wedding, Rice's wife, Jenny Buckley, accidentally mis-ordered a large number of spoons when shopping online.

However, Buckley did not give it back, but let Rice make up for her, using them to do something interesting to her.

  This is an out of control. Rice is full of artistic temperament Rice immediately think of using these metal spoons to do motorcycle!

  American artist James Rice is now a "net red," but he became famous because of the cool motorcycle model made with curved spoons. Today, these unique "motorcycle sculpture" photos have been circulated on the Internet and many people like and share it.

  Rice flattens, bends, spins the spoon by hand, and shapes them into the shape they want. Motorcycle model engine, wheels, tires, as well as tanks are made with a spoon.

  In the past these subtle spoons were sublimated in the hands of Rice and turned into works of art that most of us could not imagine.

Now that Rice has run out of all the tables in his house, he and his wife, Buckley, buy more spoons in second-hand stores and flea markets in their spare time, and good friends also give away spoons that they do not use.