ALL About Grill Pans

- Jan 29, 2018-

Indoor grilling is an exceptionally simple way to get dinner on the table – all you need is a quality grill pan and a stove.

Which pans are right for grilling? Cooking experts recommend looking for the following features:

Thick, heavy-duty construction. Whether you choose an aluminum, stainless steel or cast iron pan, you’ll want a grill pan designed to heat quickly and evenly to simulate an open-fire grilling experience.

Superior conductivity. Heavy-gauge pans will spread high heat consistently from the center of the pan all the way to the sides, allowing you to cook foods thoroughly in less time, without under- or over-cooking.

   Stick resistance. Nonstick pans make it easy to produce seared grill marks without removing a food’s delicate exterior. Other cooking surfaces, such as cast iron and stainless steel, offer a little more “stick” for great caramelization yet still release foods cleanly when browning is achieved.