Can Silicone Insulation Gloves Insulate?

- Mar 09, 2018-

 The function of practical daily necessities has always been consumer suspicion, as is now common in the market insulation silicone gloves, although this product has long been hot in the market, but some people who have not yet purchased are always not so convinced, is it separated Heat or not heat insulation, temperature resistance is not warm?

  General ordinary silica gel products have a certain degree of heat insulation effect. Since the forming and vulcanization temperature of the machine bed has been as high as 190 degrees during the production and processing of silicone rubber product manufacturers, normal water and 280 degrees will not cause any problems, under normal circumstances. Bake food, touch boiling water, high-temperature cleaning items, etc. will not be a product problem, so there is no insulation effect is not silicone gloves can not solve! If there is then special adjustment material.

  As some products that require special properties, there are different raw materials used to match the performance to achieve the performance, such as high tension, high rebound, high transparency, high density and high temperature resistance and other properties, and different performance corresponding to different Material, such as silica gel heat-resistant gloves For higher temperature resistance, it is recommended to use room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, hydroxy silicone oil, fumed silica, iron oxide, alkali-free ultra-fine glass wool, and the heat resistance will be higher than ordinary 30% increase in rubber, the specific need for test results!

   If the purchase intention is only family daily gloves, then the general silicone gloves can achieve results, performance can be non-toxic, environmental protection, impervious, heat insulation, cold, not burns and other properties, the conventional use of silicone rubber gloves can still To achieve this effect you want!