Chinese Commercial Kitchenware Should Be In Line With International Standards

- Apr 27, 2018-

  China's domestic commercial kitchenware gradually becomes a global trend, but it is difficult for China's advanced commercial kitchenware to go to the international stage. At the same time, foreign advanced kitchen equipment technology cannot be effectively used in China.

   With the development of the world economy and the acceleration of globalization, China has made remarkable achievements in opening up to the outside world. Foreign trade, the introduction of foreign investment and direct foreign investment have gradually integrated the domestic market with the international market. In the context of rapid economic development in China, commercial kitchenware is also experiencing rapid development. In the future, commercial kitchen equipment will develop in a green, intelligent, integrated, simplified and global direction. In the coming years, the sales volume of Chinese kitchenware market will be The amazing speed of 15% has risen.

  Many multinational corporations have come back with their advantages in technology, branding, and marketing, which has made domestic kitchenware competition even more intense. With the rapid and steady growth of China's national economy, major changes have taken place in the housing needs of urban residents, which has produced a greater pull for the development of related industries, including the kitchenware industry. At the same time, the vast rural market remains to be developed. Coupled with the demand for upgrading of urban residents, the demand for kitchenware will continue to grow steadily.

    It is an inevitable trend for commercial kitchen equipment to go global, but this road is arduous and long.