Choose Cups Carefully And Be Careful About Poisoning

- Mar 17, 2018-

  One casual choice in life may be harmful to your body, especially if we choose convenience for daily necessities, and cups become indispensable items in our lives, so silicone products manufacturers remind friends to choose cup life. Supplies are still carefully chosen, and for the various styles and materials on the market today, the cups of materials have already lost your eyes. Many friends only care about the price and appearance and volume of the cup while choosing the cup, but never pay attention to the material and Security issues have caused many toxic substances to be emitted into the human body. When they accumulate a certain amount, they do not know what to do.

  In the market, we can see a lot of different materials of the cup, and many of the cups only glass and silicone products made cups are the healthiest of the rest of the material will emit toxic substances, the following to introduce you to those toxic materials. First of all, plastic cups We all know how to drop, how wide the shape, bright colors but contain polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other chemicals, cleaning is not clean, long-term use leads to the distribution of toxins. Paper cups, in which a large amount of white lightening agents and unknown fibers are added, may cause cancer to the human body. Metal stainless steel cup, looks really high grade, workmanship is also the most exquisite material, but its material among the chromium, molybdenum, manganese, titanium, lead, and so on, one or the other may make your body to varying degrees harm.

  Why glass material and silicone material are the safest? First, glass cups undergo several hundred degrees of high-temperature thermoforming during the process of refining, and no chemicals will appear on the surface. Therefore, there is no need to worry about drinking any chemical substances when drinking water. The resulting product has a smooth surface and does not breed any bacteria or residual substances when it is finished drinking. However, the disadvantages are that it is easy to insulate without heat, high temperature, easy to burst, and it is easy to break. For the silicone rubber products, it is almost the best kind of cup material. The performance of the glass cup is basically the same, and it also has high and low temperature resistance, and it will not break in any occasion. Is a synthetic rubber, his main synthetic material is silica, does not collide with any material, is an environmentally friendly non-toxic material, the material is relatively soft between 30 degrees and 80 degrees, and is now widely used by us. Used in life!