Classification Of Kitchen Knives

- May 11, 2018-

  The kitchen knives are divided into slicing knives, cleaver knives, chopping knives, fruit knives, and the like. Others include frozen meat knives, bread knives, and multi-knife knives; they are classified into iron knives and stainless steel knives according to the material classification. , carbon steel tools, ceramic tools, etc., of which the most common on the market are stainless steel tools and ceramic tools.

  Iron cutter

  The most traditional type of tool has been used since ancient times. However, it is very rare on the market. After all, iron is prone to rust stains, which is harmful to our health.

  Carbon steel cutter

  The blade of the carbon steel cutter is easy to rust and passivation, and the service life is short. The average family does not recommend using it. But it can sharpen sharp quickly, so many professional chefs still insist on using it.

  Stainless steel cutter

  The advantage of stainless steel cutters is that they are not easily passivated, rustless, easy to clean, and have no taste. Although the knife edge is not very sharp, it is sufficient to cope with the production of various dishes in the daily family.

  Ceramic knife

  Ceramic knives, mostly made of a nano-material "zirconia" processed, with the advantages of ordinary steel knife can not be compared, set practicality and fashion in one, is the representative of the new kitchen knife.