Creative Silicone Mat

- Mar 22, 2018-

   If you are a professional housewife, have you become accustomed to enduring the dusty kitchen life? What kind of kitchen is displayed is not determined by the kitchen, but it is entirely up to you, the owner. Use creative silicone mats to add more energy and color to the kitchen. You will find that this is the baking and cooking place you are looking for!

   Silicone placemat hidden beneath the gentle! In ordinary people's lives, things such as placemats and coasters are not widely used, because they have a little bit of life. Because of the creativity, people began to pay attention to place mats, flower-shaped, matte texture, stone-paved, and various kinds of heat-insulating mats were collected by young people who liked novelties. As a result, our way of life was changed and people began to fall in love with the cup of tea and the gentleness under the bowl.

    Fun quiz to determine what kind of housewife you are!

   Q: If you can get any of the following kitchenware for free, which one would you choose?

      1. Round pink stew pot.

      2. Can fry a beautiful sun egg green pan.

      3. Can change five different shapes of multifunctional silicone placemats.

      4. Can only cook five eggs at a time.

   A: 1: The innocent novice housewife, who is very disdainful, thinks the kitchen can be kawaii.

       2: Professional housewives with amazing cooking skills have the potential to make a full meal.

       3: Avant-garde housewife full of brains, likes to study horror dishes.

       4: cooking idiots, empty ambition, lack of talented junior women.