Do You Understand The Cause Of Dark Marks In Silicone Rubber Products?

- Mar 09, 2018-

  The total number of defects that occur in the processing of silicone products can cause significant losses for the company, and the most special one is the type of products with large product sizes and relatively long processing time, resulting in not only bad raw materials. Very large, but also in time and effort are subject to a certain degree of impact, so for the appearance of silicone material quality problems in addition to the mold, the phenomenon of dark spots often plagued us can not make the goods, then you know what causes silicone products Dark marks?

  First of all, the appearance of dark marks or lines in the silicone products is not only caused by the processing and vulcanization process, but also has a certain influence on the mixing of rubber and raw materials to the mold structure and steel, etc., and most of these products are relatively large in appearance and appearance. In case of bright color, white silicone protective cover, flat back cover, overall area are included.

   In the color mixing process, there is no reasonable allocation of the temperature of the roller and the proportion of the colorant. The most important one is the time control of mixing, and the main reason for the appearance of grain patterns in many silicone product manufacturers is still mixing. When the rubber material is not mixed evenly, it is most important to find the reason from the raw materials. Secondly, after the raw materials are placed for too long, the fluidity causes the product to appear wave points, and the dark lines phenomenon is also one of them.

   In the production process, the reason why the silicone rubber product has a relatively tangled product is that the vulcanization temperature is too long to cause dark marks. In many cases, large products have to increase the time and temperature, otherwise they cannot be completely cured. In order to improve the efficiency of the time is to replace the vulcanizing agent, so that the vulcanization speed, reduce the vulcanization time, two problems can be solved!

   It has to be said that silicone products are a simple and complex functional process. For silicon rubber products, there are many problems such as dark lines, lines and other undesirable phenomena. Silicone rubber manufacturers can quickly resolve, and some manufacturers can not find a corresponding solution. For silicone rubber molding process, in addition to the machine, raw materials, mold factors, and personnel operations and methods have a very important reason! Strengthening operational skills and quality awareness training for operators and quality control personnel is the key to reducing malpractice and is also where business benefits lie.