Embryo Cake Spatula Tips

- Sep 29, 2017-

Is the right hand spatula, on top of basic smooth to smooth off the side edge of the top surface of a circle, so there will be some from the side wipe up the cream. 

Turn the table counter clockwise first, the speed should be faster, then the right hand with the knife, left hand with the right hand, the knife position is like the picture, the knife slightly tilted to the cake, the tip slightly upturned. The knife contacts the cream on the right side of the cake. It is about 1/3 contact at the front of the knife, which is the red spot on the right. The knife height is unchanged in the process of moving, the surface of a thin layer of cream on the line so smooth touch of cream, the knife along the arrow direction to the center of the cake, so the butter from around the beginning to be smooth, when put to the center after the knife quickly to the left front wipe, and leave the cake surface, excess the cream was knife down, the cake is smooth.