Fruit Quiz 4

- Apr 19, 2018-

Should fruit be eaten skinned or peeled?

  Vitamin C in the skin usually contains much more than flesh. In the skin of 100 grams of fresh orange, lemon, or orange, the content of vitamin C is 130, 140, and 170 milligrams, while the vitamin C in 100 grams of fresh citrus, lemon, and sweet orange is 38, 65, and 55. Milligrams. 100 grams of apple pulp contain only 12-13 mg of vitamin C, while 100 grams of fresh apple peel contains 60 mg. Therefore, from the point of view of obtaining vitamin C, the fruit is eaten with the skin.

  However, considering that the fruit may be sprayed with pesticides before picking, artificial ripening after harvesting, or waxing of the epidermis for storage and preservation, for the sake of safety, the fruit is peeled and eaten well. However, grapes do not peel well, so they must be carefully cleaned before eating. Grape skin contains more resveratrol, and resveratrol is effective in protecting blood vessels.