Good Tool----apple Slicer

- Dec 25, 2017-

This seems like the kind of thing you’d see on an infomercial: a single use tool that basically replaces a knife for one kind of food. I’m not usually a fan of this class of future-trash. However, using this thing is /so/ much quicker than quartering and coring with a knife, and when you want to turn 12 lbs of tiny juicing apples into applesauce before dinner (tis the season!) efficiency counts.

So, for occasional bulk processing, this is a very practical tool that doesn’t take up too much space and isn’t fussy to clean. And once you have it around, you might as well use it for slicing single apples for snacking. It does a very tidy job.

This is how I use the tool:

• cut a few apples in half, girth wise (so you see the star in the middle). The halved apples have flat bottoms, which makes pressing the tool easier and more stable.

• center the tool on the core/stem area, and press down.

• turn the tool over and press the core out from the underside with your thumb, then push the slices into the pot.

This is probably not the finest version of this tool, it’s just the one I have.

Other versions are cheaper and have the handles raised up a bit to make a little more space for your knuckles, which seems smart. For aesthetic reasons I prefer a plastic-free tool, which this is.