High Temperature Silicone Insulation Pad In The Design Of What Are The Outstanding Features?

- Mar 22, 2018-

    Silica gel insulation mats are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They use environmentally-friendly silicone raw materials and do not produce any toxic or harmful substances during production. They can be used with confidence. High temperature, can withstand 230 degrees high temperature, in the range of -40 ~ ~ +230 degrees. Long color life, easy to clean, do not fade. Generally used in home life, heat and non-slip, can also serve as creative decoration. The superior heat insulation function can effectively protect the desktop from being burned. The beautiful appearance can not only embellish the colorful life, but also has the effect of heat insulation and heat preservation.

   Silicone heat insulation pad adopts the high temperature vulcanization molding of the hydraulic machine, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It is a very advantageous product that meets the concept of environmental protection in today's society; the silicone insulation pad is stylish and generous, can be flipped and changed in different shapes, and can be used in a wide range. The path can be placed on the table with confidence when enjoying hot drinks, silicone material does not hurt the desktop!