Homemade Refreshing Drink With Silicone Ice Tray

- Mar 22, 2018-

    As summer approaches, we need to be icy, creative silicone ice molds, DIY, and fun to give you a comfortable experience. Silicone ice cubes are fun for each square, can make ice cubes, chocolate, but also bring joyful mood. Soft box, easy access to ice, creative silicone design, easy to take ice, enjoy delicious.

   Taste DIY, open creative experience. Food-grade silicone, non-toxic and tasteless, without adding back materials, can be directly contacted with food, safe and secure, can be used as container box, DIY food can be freely produced, can be used to make ice cubes, food supplement, jelly, chocolate, etc., easy to clean and corrosion resistant The ice cubes have a smooth inner wall and are lightly washed after use.

    Do you want to have a cool drink? Silicone ice cubes are refreshingly homemade, delicious and healthy. There is a baby who likes to eat iced drinks at home, no longer need to worry about the various additives in the ice drink. As long as the baby and the mother work together, not only can interact with the baby but also can make a healthy and delicious ice drink.

    Fashion easy to take ice tool Silicone ice tray, take it alone, take the ice is very convenient. Just one click, it will automatically fall off, easy to use. Health and health, do not take up space, can be stacked in the refrigerator. Eating materials are safe and healthy. DIY homemade ice cubes are soft and easy to clean. Each silicone gel tray is soft and easy to clean. With one click, you can pick up a small piece, which is convenient and easy for you to use. Suitable for kitchens, dining tables, refrigerators, picnics, and dinners.