How Can I Eliminate The Static Electricity Of Silicone Products

- Mar 17, 2018-

   Silicone products made of silica gel, sometimes the surface will have the feeling of static electricity, then how do we eliminate static electricity on silicone products?

   There are two ways to try: ion wind bar, static eliminator.

   Its strong ion wind removes static electricity and foreign matter on the surface of objects, dust, and belongs to the industrial category for primary electrostatic dust removal of flat objects. The rod static elimination equipment is installed on high-speed plastic molding machines, slitting machines, stretch winding machines and other plastic machinery equipment, which can effectively eliminate the high-voltage static electricity generated when the plastic sheet is pulled at a high speed, and prevent the sheet from electrostatic adsorption of air. Dust or sheets adhere to each other due to static electricity, effectively improving the quality and quality of plastic sheet after production and processing.

   The ring type static elimination equipment is installed at the entrance of the plastic injection material of the plastic injection molding machine to eliminate high-voltage static electricity generated by the raw materials in the flow, so as to prevent the raw materials from forming clusters due to static electricity, and piles of plugs directly affect the production at the entrance.

   In fact, there are more than two methods, and sometimes we can come up with more ways to prevent static electricity and ensure product quality. Therefore, antistatic agents can be added to plastics, and humidification in the production workshop is a good method. Anti-static agents can also be used to spray on the surface of the product without compromising the performance and transparency of the product while achieving permanent antistatic properties. Antistatic liquid can be added during compounding to make it coated on both inner and outer layers. The liquid is similar to alcohol!