How Does Silicone Hockey Odor Occur And How Can It Be Removed?

- Apr 11, 2018-

Silicone ice hockey is a very popular spherical ice making mold. Its production material is 100% food-grade silica gel. It is a healthy and environmentally friendly chemically stable material. It is said that there will be no peculiar smell, but why? Some friends say it? Shock! It turned out to be two reasons. First of all, due to the short production of silicone ice hockey. Silicone ice hockey production process open mold plastic cutting plastic hydraulic molding removal flash secondary vulcanization packaging shipping.

   Among them, if an organic peroxide vulcanizing agent is used for the first vulcanization, the silica gel product will have a strong irritating odor. Therefore, it is necessary to add a compound vulcanization deodorant for secondary vulcanization to eliminate the odor, but there may be A small amount of residue, then put it in a ventilated place for 2 to 3 days, the smell will naturally disperse. Second, it is tainted with other things, such as making ice hockey and other foods, or lazy to clean. How to deal with? You can use boiling water to boil the hockey for more than 20 minutes and you can remove odors very effectively. In addition, when people first use silicone ice hockey, it is best to use open blisters.

   Of course, in addition to the above reasons, some friends may also buy fake silicone or poor quality silicone, so there will be odor. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy silicone ice hockey or other silicone products, be sure to go to a trusted platform to buy, and understand some of the knowledge of how to distinguish between true and false silicone, so as to be comfortable, must be assured.

   Silicone material is originally odorless, regardless of the final color of the product, silicone hockey should not have a big taste, even if there is a little bit of smell, it will not be what red nose. Therefore, we can conclude that the odor of the ice tray is not directly related to the silicone material and there is no connection with the color of the product. So, after the silicone ice hoes are molded, they are usually not sold directly. There are other technical requirements for processing. Such as: screen printing, oily hand spray, laser carving, Epoxy, water paste and other technologies. After these technical processes, strange odors are produced. The appearance of these odors is a variety of processes after molding. The most prone to a pungent odor is silkscreening and jetting, and the quality of the silkscreen ink and the feel of the oil will have a direct effect on whether the silicone hockey puck has an odor.

   What are the ways to eliminate odors? The first method to eliminate the odor of silicone ice hockey is attributed to the technical field of silicone rubber products and eliminates the odor of silicone itself. Participation in the compound vulcanization deodorizing agent in the vulcanized silica gel and secondary vulcanization can effectively eliminate the intense irritating odor of the silicone rubber vulcanized by the organic peroxide vulcanizing agent, and then exhibit environmental protection. The second is to use physical methods: put the silicone ice hockey in the cool outdoor for a period of time, so that the natural evaporation of the smell; there is to try to soak in water, soak in the basin for a period of time, more bubble several times, the smell will be much smaller Now.