How To Buy Kitchen Knives

- May 11, 2018-

  1. Look at the material

  Different materials determine the different hardness of the finished tool, and the higher the general hardness, the higher the degree of sharpness. In terms of hardness, ceramic tools> stainless steel tools> ordinary carbon steel tools.

  2. Look at the blade

  Generally, the edge of the hand-cutting blade is smaller and the blade is more sharp; the blade is selected to be thick and thin, and the blade is straight and not twisted. When the blade is straight, it shows a black line, and there is no white edge.

  3. See the details

  High-quality kitchen knives pay attention to detail, and the backs, tips, and tips of the knives have been carefully polished and rounded to avoid the use of hand injuries.

  4. Look at the handle

  The installation of the handle should be straight and firm, and the knife collar should not be loosened. At the same time, there should be a non-slip design that will not hurt the user. The design of the holder should be humanized, comfortable and convenient to use.