How To Choose A Silicone Coaster

- Apr 20, 2018-

  First of all, you need to be familiar with the characteristics of the material to suit your needs. Coasters should be waterproof, anti-scald, anti-wear and anti-scratch. Second, environmental protection is non-toxic and non-polluting is also an important choice.

  Second, the choice of color. For example, you can't place a black coaster on a black desktop, and color matching is the most reasonable choice. Generally black with white is the safest and most will not eliminate the choice, red and green give people vitality and vitality, so that through a small coaster can make cups, desktops, and even home environment have been embellished and promoted.

  Third, the silicone coaster is made of food-grade silicone material, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxicity, high and low temperature resistance, waterproof, anti-hot, anti-scratch and scratch-resistant. At the same time, silicone coasters, rich colors, many styles, the price is very affordable, is your best choice for the coaster!